Skincare CollectionEwiasi is committed to expanding business opportunities in struggling communities around the world by working with local artisans and adult learning groups to build community production capacity to create healthy, beautiful and locally-inspired products that can be bought by Ewiasi at a fair price.

Ewiasi skincare products use all natural ingredients, each chosen carefully for their nutritional benefits to the skin and soul.

All of our jewelry and style products are designed and handcrafted by artisans from West Africa using styles and techniques unique to their regions and cultures.

Our vision is that, through the expansion of local businesses combined with increased participation of women and access to markets, we can help contribute to the alleviation of global poverty and injustice.


For wholesale inquiries, visit our Skincare and Jewelry and Handbags inventory for pictures and information on our available products, and contact us at info@ewiasi.com.